Healthcare Management with Independence and Expertise

In the dynamic world of healthcare management, MCI Assist stands out as a beacon of independence and efficiency. As dedicated managers and administrators, we take pride in our ability to choose the best medical providers both nationally and internationally for our clients while maintaining a keen focus on cost-effectiveness.

Credentialed Healthcare Professionals

At the heart of the company is a team of certified and accredited healthcare professionals, adhering to the latest regulations and equipped with extensive technical and professional training. With the industry’s highest percentage of qualified medical personnel within our administrative teams, our frontline staff comprises dedicated and qualified nurses responsible for managing each medical case. They engage in seamless coordination with patients, offering clinical advice throughout the entire process.

Flexible and Proactive Philosophy.

Our philosophy is rooted in flexibility and proactivity, leveraging our experience to analyze patient symptoms and required treatments effectively. By maintaining a proactive approach, we ensure that our clients receive superior quality service and optimal healthcare tailored to their unique needs.

Cost Control Measures.

MCI Assist takes a comprehensive approach to cost control by managing medical incidents from the moment a client contacts our telephonic service center. The process unfolds as follows:

  1. Validation of coverage for the required treatment under the insurance policy.
  2. Efficient management of the required medical treatment.
  3. Monitoring and control of the reasonableness of medical treatment costs.
  4. Management and validation of invoices and payments.
  5. Regular dispatch of informative reports.

Our dedicated staff ensures that both attention and medical treatment align with the needs of the insured, using their expertise to interpret medical reports and proposed treatments based on sound medical reasoning. This approach allows us to efficiently control costs on behalf of the insurance company.

Direct Agreements and Discounts.

Additionally, MCI Assist brings added value to insurance companies through our direct agreements and negotiated discounts with various medical providers. These partnerships enable our clients to benefit from cost-effective healthcare solutions, further strengthening our commitment to delivering unparalleled service in the healthcare management landscape.

In a sector where independence and expertise are paramount, MCI Assist stands as a reliable partner in healthcare management. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, we navigate the complexities of the healthcare landscape, ensuring our clients receive the best care while optimizing financial outcomes for insurance companies.

To explore more about MCI Assist you can visit our official website at You’ll find detailed insights into our qualifications of  our healthcare professionals, the proactive strategies we employ and the comprehensive cost control measures that set us apart in the industry.