Assistance Management, Administration, personalized solutions, leading position Spain, Portugal, Mediterranean, Latin America.
personalized solutions for cost containment, assistance management, and administration

About us​

Medical Claims International offers Cost Containment, Assistance Management and Administration personalized solutions ensuring a leading position in Spain, Portugal, Mediterranean countries and Latin America.

MCI has developed a wide range of services specially designed to cater for the needs of all our customers.


Our Mission

We strive to accommodate their requirements into our structure offering adaptable tailor-made procedures. We have become a multi-service company that supplies solutions on reasonable and customary cost advice, dynamic price list negotiation, fixed price per process (DRG and case mix technologies) and continuous cost tendency reduction. Constant investment in R&D has resulted in greater operational capacity due to its robust IT structure. Ongoing efforts for continuous improvement and business excellence has allowed MCI to keep up with the latest technological developments, continuously analyse local and global trends, control expense level and prevent unnecessary spending further improved by active medical case management.

Together we achieve

Our Team

Thanks to the close relationship existing among our company staff we are sure that we definitely have achieved our goal, although we keep on striving to improve our services.

Fatima Guillen


Dr. Pablo Gonzalo

(Medical Director)

Agathi Kanellou

(Managing Director)

Daniel Galan

(Head of Administration and Financial Department)

Marcela Herrera

(Chief Nursing Officer)

Why Choose Us

Cost Containment

The power of managing the largest volume

Medical Claims Administration

Unparalleled level of service

Security Assistance

Rapid security during a crisis

Repatriation Services

Air Ambulance & Medical Escort services

MCI is the largest service provider in the Medi-terranean. This allow us to achieve important volume discounts, which, combined with deep medical supervision and IT technology lead to get the best results in cost reductions. And for further savings, with robust clinical case mana-gement and negotiation of Specialist fees, we offer an ´end to end´ solution with professionally trained case managers handling medical cases right through from taking the first call from a patient to settlement of the final invoice. For high cost and complex claims we have developed a special protocol, the Top Claim Circuit.

MCI provide services as an independent medical Third Party Administrator in several countries, providing inde-pendent access and claims management on a third party basis. We provide access to the whole of the Iberian Healthcare system through our comprehensive provider network, giving clients the benefit of our direct billing arrangements and dis-counted fees. We also have our own in-house claims management systems and technology, which means we have the ability to accommodate varying requests specific to our clients´ requirements. Where detailed case management is required, our nurse case managers can provide a full micro-management service. This ensures that the appropriate medical care pathway is always taken, without any hospital restrictions or delays in authorization

Our Global Security Operations Centre provide 24/7/365 support to clients operating in areas of political and social instability. Our teams are available around the clock to offer active global monitoring of volatile areas, professional advice, conti-gency plannig and expert emergency action. All supported by an integrated, worldwide network of security, medical and transportation resources.

Our specialist doctors and nurses have a wealth of experience in handling international medical emer-gencies. They will liaise with local doctors to evaluate the medical condition and decide upon the best course of action. If patient is well enough to fly, we´ll arrange door-to-door transportation with qualified medical personnel and state-of-the-art medical equipment. We will either fly back home or, if necessary, fly to the nearest suitable medical facility for emergency treatment before arranging the homeward journey. Our inhouse team of medical escort is ready to fly anytime from our base in Madrid.



Our main target is settling a transparent, accurate and easy to do claims management process reducing costs for all parts involved in the claims sector and providing excellent service at the same time.

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