Celebrating World Environment Day: Embracing Diversity and Sustainability

World Environment Day, celebrated annually on June 5, is an international event dedicated to raising awareness about protecting our environment. This year, initiatives have focused particularly on the restoration of ecosystems, with the aim of reversing environmental degradation and combating climate change by restoring natural habitats to their original state. 

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) offers a comprehensive interactive guide outlining the key aspects of these issues, highlighting their benefits for society, nature and the climate. 

At our companies Medical Claims International and MCI Assist, we want to share our deep commitment to addressing the social and environmental challenges with the greatest impact on society, through our diversity and sustainability initiatives. Our efforts align closely with the goal of reducing our carbon footprint, promoting sustainable practices, and fostering an inclusive environment.

Implementation Plan

We are known for promoting and supporting cultural diversity, a commitment that is reflected in our team, which is made up of people of more than fifteen different nationalities and a command of approximately nine official languages. We also carry out different interactive activities such as intercultural training sessions to raise awareness and create inclusive spaces or international culinary events where each team member represents their cultural heritage through traditional recipes from their country of origin, encouraging the development of quality relationships and respect among colleagues.

On the other hand, our company has a strong commitment to the care and protection of the environment, for which a series of strategies have been implemented:

  1. Application of energy efficiency practices such as the installation of a network of LED lighting.
  2. Sourcing organic fruit from local suppliers in order to support sustainable agriculture and reduce carbon emissions.
  3. Active participation in planting trees in public parks in the community of Madrid to help improve green spaces and offset carbon emissions.
  4. The application of digital transformation trends such as the use of digital signatures or the sending and recording of digital documents in order to reduce paper consumption and reduce the environmental impact of the company’s activities.
  5. Encourage environmentally friendly commuting practices by actively supporting the use of public transportation, private carpooling or the use of other means such as bicycles or electric scooters, providing designated parking spaces for these to ensure comfort and safety.

Stakeholders Involved

The success of our initiatives is based on a sense of commitment and collaboration from our internal team and external partners. The internal team is characterized by representing essential corporate values such as non-competitiveness and respect, creating a positive work environment in which innovation and teamwork are encouraged. While in relation to external partners, partnerships with local suppliers enhance our efforts in sustainability and social impact issues.

Results and Supporting Evidence

Our company has set itself the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. To this end, our strategy revolves around the principles of reduction, electrification and carbon capture, using a combination of measures such as increasing the energy efficiency of our operations, transitioning to renewable energies and taking advantage of carbon capture and storage technologies.

As a result, we have undergone certification by Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO). This certification validates our inclusion in the registry and underlines the extent of our company’s commitment to the fight against climate change.

Our companies dedication demonstrates our commitment to today’s most relevant social and environmental causes, all through our various sustainable initiatives in relation to the implementation of responsible business practices.